Joint Venture

Joint Venture Possibilities

In recent years there has been a noticeable change in the commercial distribution of overseas projects (oil & gas, chemical, power plant), which are Benfield’s core businesses.

  • Plants that are enormous in scale
  • Diversification of project needs
  • Trend in projects becoming multi-national operations (for example, applying design and construction by modular construction technique)

To respond to such conditions and trends, Benfield gave careful consideration to constructing cooperative relationships with certain overseas firms which had been Benfield’s competitors until recently. As a result, we have established various organizations that have achieved business results in the past few years.
The following are some examples of projects with our joint venture companies.

Overseas Partner Wholesale Electric Houston, TX, U.S.A.
Customers MES, TEC, MCEC
End Users Exxon Mobil, Shin-Etsu Chemical
Overseas Partner CNW Energy , Australia
Projects Ichthys LNG, onshore Australia
Customers JKC (JGC, KBR, Chiyoda)
End Users Inpex
Overseas Partner R&M, U.K. / CNW Energy, Australia
Projects Yamal LNG, Russia
Customers Technip (JGC, Chiyoda)
End Users Yangas

In this way, we have enriched our provision of services and product proposals for our customers by utilizing to the maximum the mutual strengths of Benfield and our overseas partners.

  • We will deliver products smoothly through the establishment and development of a global supply chain.
  • We will make competent proposals by bringing together human resources with extensive knowledge and experience.
  • We will be capable of providing prompt support to each local project. (Benfield’s overseas office staff and partners will attend to local needs.)
  • With our advantage of strong connections with major local manufacturers, we will provide reliability.

At present we are receiving significant praise and recognition from our stakeholders regarding our business operations that capitalize on the many synergy effects made possible through these joint ventures. For the future, we intend to engage in activities with an eye on entering new markets such as nuclear power generation equipment for both the domestic and overseas market, other renewable energy generation facility, and overseas transportation infrastructure in light of the results and trust we have achieved with our joint venture partners to date, not limiting ourselves to our core businesses.